How does MesoWest coordinate weather observations?

MesoWest was created to provide access to current and archived weather observations across the United States. It is used by the National Weather Service to aid in forecasting, by researchers to understand severe weather events, and by the public for personal and other uses. MesoWest relies upon weather observing networks that are managed by government agencies, private firms, and educational institutions. Additional stations have been installed at key locations such as near the Great Salt Lake. Observations of temperature, relative humidity, wind speed, wind direction, precipitation, and other weather parameters are provided and available through the MesoWest interface. (Source: MesoWest, University of Utah Department of Atmospheric Sciences)

Click on the MesoWest Icon below to explore weather data for the State of Utah. Stations are represented by black dot symbols on the map. Use the interactive map features to zoom in to the Central Wasatch Mountains and surrounding regions and click on a station to see current conditions, trends and access archived station data.